Kim Coles Presents

The V.I.P. Workshop™

Visibility • Impact • Performance

Visibility Impact Performance

A 3 month workshop where you’ll gain the Words, the Confidence, and the Tools to Attract New Opportunities for Increased Impact and Influence.
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This is about




the world in a BIG way.

(Not JUST speaking on traditional stages,
although we will work on that too.)

This is about


the world in a BIG way.

(Not JUST speaking on traditional stages, although we will work on that too.)

Your life lessons…

Every challenge…

The ups and downs…

They’ve led you here.

It’s time to move from
‘best-kept secret’ to
‘in-demand expert’

…Because you ARE the expert in you and your journey.

And because of your journey, you have so much to offer the world.

You are ready to help, heal, serve, & teach.

When you have more VISIBILITY,
the people that you so badly want to serve can find you.

The IMPACT of your gifts and talents
can make a massive change in the world.

Then there is the secret sauce of your authentic PERFORMANCE
(and with 33 years as a performer and speaker, I help you uncover the recipe!)

"Kim is especially helpful to those who feel like they may not be that interesting or they’re introverted and don’t feel comfortable putting themselves out there"
"Kim is a cheerleader, even when I couldn’t cheer for myself, there she was cheering for me."


✔ Get Clarity on your Message so that as you begin to serve, you easily captivate and your impact is clearly seen and undeniable
✔ Create Strategy for your Business so that you have ultimate confidence about your next steps and can monetize your message and develop forward momentum
✔ Communicate your Value to others so you you are acknowledged and get paid what you’re worth instead of being out-bid by others, overlooked, underappreciated and doubtful
✔ Craft your Signature Talk so you can begin sharing your message without delay (as soon as week 4!) and increase your IMPACT
✔ Cultivate a Social Media Presence without the pressure of trying to be ‘The Perfect ______,’ instead you cultivate a community loves you for who you are in full transparency and authenticity so your impact grows, your reach expands and you really begin to change lives and serve the world the way you KNOW you’re meant to
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I want to give you the Tools, the Language and the Confidence to Show Up for Yourself, Stand Out in Your World and Make the Impact Your Desire to Make.

I especially want to do this because I know the power of it:

Every time I show up as fully myself in my life I WIN – from ‘the fat girl’ being the class president all 4 years in High School to getting my dream celebrity wedding (FREEE)!

And if you’re thinking it’s just because I’m Kim Coles…it’s not just me, my students see the same thing:

They go from overlooking themselves, uncertain about whether what they have to offer is interesting, exciting, or captivating…

…to starting blogs and podcasts,
hosting events,
upgrading their websites with confident copy,
writing books,
compelling listeners in the boardroom
and even effortlessly standing out and attracting clients without any kind of intentional advertising!

This is about Speaking and Serving the world in a BIG way

Speaking on stages. ALL stages. Live stages. Virtual Stages and Media. Public Speaking/Live Streaming/ Television & Video.

This is about YOU knowing that it’s past time for you to be Captivating, Connecting and Compelling your listeners and potential clients to take action.



  • felt like you don’t stand out in your life, career or relationships
  • are awkward, maybe even a little nerdy, introverted and uncomfortable when it comes to owning your space in world
  • brilliant at what you do BUT completely lacking the Confidence, Tools and Language to express, communicate and captivate…

…then THIS is Your Invitation to join me for The V.I.P. Workshop.

"Kim is supportive in enabling me to sharing my empowering moments of self-acceptance."
"Kim is open and authentic...her story really resonated with me and I connected with her through her story"

In The Visibility Impact Performance (V.I.P.)
3-month Workshop™ 
we’ll work together on your reach and relevance,
moving you from
the “best kept secret” to
the “in demand expert.”


  • Mastering Fear Mindset
  • Captivate Your Audience
  • Captivate with Comedy
  • Live Streaming with Ease
  • Live Stream Evaluations
  • Social Selling
  • Body Language
  • Speaking Tips
  • Vision For Your Biz
  • Refining and Master Your Message
  • Story and Speech Structure
  • Speech/Story Prompts
  • Kim’s “Secret Sauce”
  • Know Your Audience
  • Energize Your Presentation
  • Get Booked and Re-Booked

Stand out and show up with
YOUR story and YOUR message

How does the workshop work?


We meet every Tuesday 
8 pm EST,
April through June.

Together, we’ll experience:

  • Bi-weekly virtual trainings in “The VIP Room”
    ($1,997 value)
  • Alternate weeks for implementation and Q & A in our private Facebook group
    ($1,000 value)
  • 3 months of “Spotlight” Coaching, guest experts, and implementation
    ($6,500 value)
  • PDF worksheets and templates
    ($697 value)
  • Lifetime Access

***Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to work one-on-one with me.

And, because you deserve to be treated like the VIP you are, here’s a little extra SWAG…

  • BONUS 60 minute Love Your Story Bootcamp Refresher delivered pre-workshop (Love Your Story™ is the perfect pre-work for this 3 month journey) ($1,997 value)
  • BONUS ticket to “V.I.P. LIVE” event in May in Los Angeles or September in Atlanta ($997 value)
  • BONUS quarterly group check-in ($597 value)
  • BONUS Done For You Media Pitch Templates


  • How To Get Booked (& Booked again) on TV and Media by Emmy Award winning producer to Barbara Walters/Oprah/Queen Latifah. ($2,000 value)
  • Speaking Strategies – Speaker Manager and Agent. ($1,500 value)
  • Using Your Stories to Market and Sell on Social Platforms. ($1,500 value)
  • The F Word: FEAR. How to recognize it, address it, and move through it. ($1,500 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $20,285

"Without this course I wouldn’t have started to blog or podcast."
"I know now that I can use my words and my stories to speak AND to write an international bestselling book."

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"I’ve become more comfortable with the importance of story - I know now that the little things that are me actually are important, they matter."
"I’ve put on my first event which was a success and aiming to book out my next event with 250 women and make a big local impact."


This is my newest and most high-level training.
For two years, I have taken people on transformative journeys with “My Story Is My Gift™”, “Speak Your GIFTS™”, and “Love Your Story™”. In those two years, I’ve seen where you excel, what you want more of, and now know exactly how to deliver it to help YOU get the best outcomes.
Now it is time to go even further. The VIP Workshop is the best from those courses, plus over 60% new content, elements, tools, strategies and 3 new guest instructors to help you to “Broadcast Your Brilliance”!

Because the nature of V.I.P. is digital, and because it contains highly interactive personal instruction and expert content, commitment to the program is final. No refunds or cancellations will be issued. 

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